Organic Raw Acerola Powder

Acerola, also known as a Barbados cherry, is a small and sour fruit, native to Central and South America. Sevenhills Wholefoods source our Acerola from Brazil, due to the hot climates and acidic soil, in which the fruit thrives. Resembling the common cherry, Acerola typically has a delicious, sweet flavour, with a slight bite of acid, but has recently drawn significant attention due to its considerable health benefits. Acerola is well known for being extremely rich in vitamin C, yet the fruit also contains Vitamins A, B1, B2 and B3, as well as multiple bioflavins and carotenoids, which provide important nutritive value and antioxidant uses. The vitamin C produced by the fruit is better absorbed by humans than even synthetic ascorbic acid. Known as an antioxidant, the Vitamin C among Acerola’s other nutrients supports proper function in many body areas, including skin, teeth, nerves, the immune system, cartilage, bone, blood vessels and the brain. It helps our immune system work during and after exercise, assists with absorption of iron and is important for energy regulation. We recommend adding 1 teaspoon to water, juice or a fruit smoothie daily. Customers also enjoy sprinkling our Acerola on food and desserts.  

100% Organic Acerola powder. No colours, binders, fillers or preservatives added. Certified organic by the Soil Association and registered by the Vegan society. This product does not contain any substances causing allergies (Directive 2007/68/EC) as ingredients or by possibility of cross-contamination.  


  1. Emma ( VERIFIED PURCHASE ✔ ) , 30 June 2016

    Best vitamin C supplement I ever tried!

    I am so chocked how good this works. I seriously cant get any colds or the flu, when I am on this. I started taken it when I had a bad flu, and the day after it was gone and the same happened for my boyfriend.. (I forced him to take it, he hates supplements) :D If I stop taking it, and gets sick, it only takes one day after I take it, then Im over it. I have not found anything else that helps my immune system like this.

  2. Barbara B (VERIFIED PURCHASE ✔ ) , 07 June 2016

    Contains about twenty five times as much vitamin C as oranges

    This is the first time I have ordered this Acerola powder. Acerola contains about twenty five times as much vitamin C as oranges. It is a vital nutrient that has many functions in the body, including keeping your immune system, eyes, bones, teeth, skin strong and healthy. Vitamin C has also been shown to possess anti-histamine properties may therefore help prevent or alleviate certain types of allergic reactions. I shall be ordering a larger amount next time because this is far too small and doesn't last long enough.

  3. Weasel (VERIFIED PURCHASE ✔ ) , 01 June 2016

    Five stars

    Tastes great. Mixes easy into water, milk and porridge . Better than capsules. Gonna buy again.

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Organic Raw Acerola Powder
Organic Raw Acerola Powder Organic Raw Acerola Powder