Organic Gelatinised Maca Powder

Maca is a plant which grows naturally at high-altitude, in the Peruvian Andes. For many centuries it has been a central part of local diets in Peru and Bolivia, where almost every part of the plant is used. Also known as “Peruvian Ginseng”, Maca is a nutrition-packed root vegetable, flourishing in environments often 4000m above sea level. Plants at this harsh altitude have to take in as many nutrients from the ground as possible to survive, hence why Sevenhills Wholefoods source this product for its impressive nutritional content. Our Organic Gelatinised Maca Powder has a ratio of 5:1, so 5kg of raw root is used to produce 1kg of gelatinised Maca Powder.

A complete protein, Maca provides 19 amino acids, 4 different alkaloids, 20 different fatty acids, an abundance of Calcium and an assortment of vitamins including C, E, B1 and B2. In addition to Maca’s antioxidant content, keeping the body’s cells free from oxidative stress damage, the Root Powder also has been known to keep our skin, nervous and immune systems, and psychological function healthy, as well as helping to keep tiredness and fatigue at bay. Maca has a high starch content, which some regard as an inhibitor to digestion of the product. For this reason we offer this gelatinised powder. Gelatinisation is a process of gentle hydration and heating which breaks down the starch molecules, promoting its easier digestion and bio-availability of other nutrients in Maca. The result is a product formed into a different and more digestible state, whose nutrition is easy to absorb. We recommend adding 1 teaspoon of powder to milk, juice or smoothies, or alternatively sprinkle on to food within a healthy, balanced diet.

100% Organic Gelatinised Maca powder. No colours, binders, fillers or preservatives added. Certified organic by the Soil Association and registered by the Vegan society. This product does not contain any substances causing allergies (Directive 2007/68/EC) as ingredients or by possibility of cross-contamination.


  1. RVincent ( VERIFIED PURCHASE ✔ ) , 22 July 2016

    Two days into it and already fatigue is gone

    I bought this product for its health benefits and can only say that two days after taking 2 teaspoons of it mixed with coconut diluted milk my fatigue has gone through the window. The first day I didn't notice anything but today I took it during lunch time and haven't experienced my usual "down time". Taste however IS atrocious but I think if I mix cocoa powder to the shake that will do it. Delivery was amazingly fast too, so I'd definitely buy from this seller again.

  2. lovelovesme (VERIFIED PURCHASE ✔ ) , 17 June 2016


    I havent been taking Maca long but i first tried the regular Maca (ungelatinized) , which was great. I do notice a differance in my energy levels when taking Maca, and knowing the other health benifits also just makes sense to add it to your daily diet..somewhere. I add a tablespoon to my oats/ cerial in the morning The gelatinized Maca does taste stronger, but adding nutmeg(also great for getting rid of intestinal parasites) or perhaps cinnamon (providing a sweeter taste) helps. The quality of Maca seems to be Very Good. I shall purchase from this provider again

  3. K Hawthorne ( VERIFIED PURCHASE ✔ ) , 03 June 2016

    Maca, part of my morning routine!

    I started taking folllowing my struggles with fertility, it was recommended on a fertility site by Hethir Rodriguez. It's used for hormonal balance as well as enhancing energy and stamina. After research I discovered that gelatinised was much better as it is easily absorbed by your body compared to raw Maca. I love the distinctive flavour and add it to either organic milk or yoghurt as part of my morning smoothies. I'm just about to order my second batch, love this quality brand!!!

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