Sevenhills Supports: Our Charity Impact Around The World

2016 was an extremely busy year here at Sevenhills Wholefoods, where we have had the privilege of working with a variety of different, fantastic charities around the world. Throughout the year, we have enjoyed working in collaboration with Deliciously Ella for some of our projects. A year on from funding, how have the charities been getting on?

At Sevenhills Wholefoods, we are committed to our charity work and have worked on a variety of projects worldwide. Our social projects are focused on helping the least well off in society to receive the basics that we believe everyone should have, such as food, education, housing, water, medicine and sanitation.

Our thanks must go out to our customers who enable us to fund these charities. Without you, we would not be able to support any of these causes. Our aim is to improve the lives of as many people in need as possible, and with your help, we can achieve this goal.

We have been delighted to work alongside ‘Kids Club Kampala’, ‘The Lunchbowl Network’, ‘Computer Aid International’, ‘Ripple Africa’, ‘The Mityana Charity’ and ‘Network for Africa’ this year. All of our charities this year have enjoyed successful projects, positively impacting thousands of beneficiaries around the world. We have received regular updates from our charity partners, who have been able to make a real, meaningful impact in areas in dire need of aid.

A year on, we would love to share with you how our charities have got on, and the difference our customers have allowed us to make around the world.


Kids Club Kampala

Kids Club Kampala (KCK) work with some of the most vulnerable and poorest communities in the urban slums of Kampala, Uganda, currently reaching over 3,000 children and their families every week. KCK work with children in the area that come from extremely poor households, where the shocking living and learning conditions leave many children orphaned, neglected or simply abandoned. KCK’s Encouraging Education programme allows children who would otherwise have no access to education to have the opportunity to learn and develop, through taking part in informal education classes.

This project has enabled out-of-school children to build both the vital academic and socio-behavioural skills necessary for the transition into school when the opportunity arises, providing a route out of poverty and a life of vulnerability, opening up opportunities of employment and financial stability in the future.

Sevenhills Wholefoods have been supporting the new project centre in Namuwongo slum, Kampala, known as one of the biggest slums in the region, desperately in need of aid. Over the past year, KCK have been able to provide a new, safe and secure classroom for over 100 children to learn, offering much needed school materials, a nutritious meal each day, and teacher training in Namuwongo slum community.

Watch the video below for an insight into KCK’s fantastic work this year:



The Encouraging Education project has not only benefited the children, as the positive impact of the project has reached entire families as a whole. Knowing that their children are in a safe environment and are being fed a nutritious meal each day relieves the pressure from parents who are struggling to make a living for their families. In time, KCK hope that this community will be transformed, by having a generation growing up educated, empowered, well-nourished and kept safe from the dangers, abuse and temptations of slum life.

Sevenhills Wholefoods have been very impressed by the success of the project so far, and we wish Kids Club Kampala the best of luck expanding into new areas in need of support, positively impacting countless new beneficiaries in Uganda.


The Lunchbowl Network

The Lunchbowl Network (LN) is a well established charity organisation caring daily for orphaned and vulnerable children most in need in the Kibera slum – Nairobi, Kenya. LN provide a vital dinner programme for over 500 children in the area, offering much needed nutritious daily meals and food packs for the most vulnerable families without sustenance. In addition, LN have been providing Kindergarten education for destitute children aged 4-6 years old, including basic healthcare and medical support for those most in need.

Throughout the year, Sevenhills Wholefoods have been supporting the new “Lunchbowl International Angel Kindergarten”, offering a chance of education to a further 150 most desperate children in the area. In addition to nutritious meals, the children who attend the kindergarten receive stimulating early education, enabling them to access age appropriate learning and the crucial early years building blocks that would be inaccessible without LN’s support. The children currently in the Kindergarten have flourished, and have noticeably developed in all areas, socially, physically, emotionally and mentally. In time, the beneficiary children will be given the tools to escape their vulnerable lives of poverty to be given a chance to gain employment, in turn having an immeasurable long term positive effect on narrowing the gap between high and low income families.

A year on, the International Angel Kindergarten continues to progress well, and is benefiting a huge quantity of children as well as the extended community within Kibera. As always, the demand for these services is staggering, and LN continue to carry out a superb job to support as many orphaned and vulnerable children in Kibera as possible.

Throughout the year, The Angel Kindergarten has also hosted the Slum Ballet, where ballet lessons are held every Wednesday for children of the slum. In collaboration with a ballet studio in Nairobi, young dancers are given the opportunity to be part of productions at the city’s national theatre. Dance is a source of joy and happiness for many of the children who attend the kindergarten, and also also a way to escape the slum. You can read the full story here, as featured in The Guardian.

We wish The Lunchbowl Network luck with their future work in Kibera, and look forward to hearing further about the hundreds of lives they are helping to improve.


Computer Aid International

Sevenhills Wholefoods have been supporting Computer Aid International (CAI) this year, and their “Closing The Gap eClasses” project in Sierra Leone. This project began establishing 10 eClasses across primary and secondary schools located in the Moyamba District of Sierra Leone. The project aims to benefit over 12,000 students, providing access to basic IT literacy skills critical to the next stage of education, and to secure higher-skilled jobs in the future for those without access to resources in their rural localities.

Sevenhills Wholefoods were delighted to fund CAI, where the donation would go towards a large amount of equipment to be installed in the various new school IT labs. The project as a whole provided a total of 200 PCs and 30 laptops, to be installed in 10 beneficiary schools across the area.

A year on, 6 IT labs have been fully installed, where students are able to begin using the resources and discover new knowledge previously inaccessible to them. The remaining 4 labs are currently being completed, where the facilities are in their final stages of development and almost ready to provide IT access to the remaining beneficiaries.

In time, the project will impact over 12,000 students from underprivileged communities in the district, without normal access to IT resources that are becoming more and more important in the modern world. The project encourages active learning and discovery of information, crucial to understanding complex and intangible subjects such as physics and mathematics. In time, those beneficiaries involved in the project will possess the computer literacy skills and confidence required to access higher-skilled jobs, in turn having a knock on effect on reducing income inequality in the area.

We look forward to hearing more about how Computer Aid International’s project is progressing, and best of luck with completing the remaining IT labs in the area.


Ripple Africa

Ripple Africa (RA) are a UK charity who are working to improve the environment and local education in Malawi, Africa. RA help to provide eight pre-schools with lunchtime meals with their “Sweet Potato Project”, aiming to encourage 500 Malawian youngsters aged 3-5 to attend pre-school; where 1 in 8 are orphans. In turn, this project seeks to combat hunger and improve concentration in the pre-schools, improving young-age key skill development. The pre-schools reach out to only the most vulnerable children in the community, providing a benefit not only to their educational needs, but also to their health.

Sevenhills Wholefoods funded RA to support the continued running of the “Sweet Potato Project” in the 8 pre-schools in northern Malawi. A year on, we were delighted to hear that the project is progressing well, where children attending the facilities are each fed a hot meal of sweet potato and tea before they go home, which for many is the only nutritious meal of their day. The project has been instrumental in attracting children to the schools and encouraging high attendance rates, giving the children attending the pre-schools a head start when they start their primary education.

RA have recently been invited to take part in a trial to introduce the more nutritious orange-fleshed sweet potato into Malawi, as these have higher levels of Vitamin A and other essential nutrients than the white-fleshed variety currently grown in the area. All of RA’s pre-schools have been given tubers, which the children have been helping to plant and care for. This has granted an opportunity to teach the children and the parents about the importance of good nutrition, and what foods are important to be eating to improve the children’s health.

Watch the video below for an insight into RA’s fantastic work this year:


Sevenhills Wholefoods were delighted to hear about the successes of Ripple Africa’s project so far, and we look forward to hearing about further progress in the coming months.


Mityana Charity

The Mityana Charity (MC) supports the Mityana District and the surrounding area in Uganda, sponsoring school children, providing clean water and medical supplies and championing human rights for women. Sevenhills Wholefoods’ funding has supported MC to construct a set of latrines and water tank at Kasoolo Secondary School, vital for much-needed sanitation improvements at the growing facility.

This is a fairly new secondary school, created so that children from the surrounding 6 primary schools can have the opportunity to benefit from secondary education. However, prior to the project’s completion the 151 boys and girls who attend the school were forced to use the same latrine unit, despite being against Ugandan School Regulations. Due to the lack of piped water supply in this remote area and the inadequate, leaking existing water storage facilities, a new water tank was also desperately required, to collect rainwater off the large, rooftop expanse over the classrooms.

A year on, we were happy to hear that the latrine unit and water tank had been successfully installed, and the growing school is able to provide its students with the basic facilities that Sevenhills Wholefoods believe everybody should be entitled to. Education is a way of helping people out of poverty. By completing this project, MC have given the children of Kasoolo Secondary School not only access to basic sanitation and hygiene, but also the possibility of a much brighter future.

Sevenhills Wholefoods wish The Mityana Charity and Kasoolo Secondary School the very best of luck with their future projects, and look forward to hearing more about how the beneficiaries’ lives are being improved.


Network For Africa

Network for Africa (NFA) works with communities in the aftermath of conflict and genocide, helping the forgotten survivors of African conflicts who have been left behind by the world after the fighting stops and the disaster relief moves on. NFA received funding from Sevenhills Wholefoods to target the war-torn Agago District, in a remote corner of North East Uganda, where HIV has spread quickly in the overcrowded IDP camps, resting at a staggeringly high 11% rate. NFA are determined to extend their work combating the disease into new sub-counties of Agago, with the aim of reducing new HIV infections and supporting people living with the disease, providing much needed treatment and granting access to live healthy lives free from stigma and discrimination.

The project continues to provide equipment and resources to encourage numerous HIV sufferers to be tested and treated, granting access to counselling, medication and home-based care for hundreds of individuals.

By the end of the project, NFA plan to have positively effected over 1,000 people exposed to HIV, either through direct treatment and counselling, or providing local community members with a better understanding of the disease and how to avoid contracting it.

Sevenhills Wholefoods look forward to hearing more about the work that Network For Africa are carrying out in Uganda, and wish them the best of luck as the project progresses.

Sevenhills Wholefoods are privileged to have been able to work with these fantastic charities around the world and we are delighted to have been able to support such a variety of projects.

However, the time has come to explore our next round of charity funding, and new projects that we can support around the world.

Sevenhills Wholefoods would like to announce the launch of the 2017 phase of our Health and Education in the Developing World Programme. In 2017, we will be running two major initiatives. The first makes available a fund of £50,000, where registered charities can apply for grants of up to £5,000. We fund projects around the world that support those in the greatest need to access the basics in life that we believe everyone should have such as food, education, housing, medicine, clean water and sanitation.

If you are interested in applying for a funding grant from Sevenhills Wholefoods, please email support@sevenhillswholefoods.com for an application form. Applications will need to be returned to us by 31st May 2017.


On behalf of Sevenhills Wholefoods, thank you to all of this year’s fantastic charities for allowing us to become involved in your projects, and again to our customers who have enabled us to support them.

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