7 Easy Ways to Increase your Physical Activity

January has come to an end and no doubt, your New Year’s resolutions have too. Here at Sevenhills HQ we all vouched to sack off the big resolutions and complete lifestyle overhauls, in favour of making smaller, more manageable changes.

If you don’t know where to start or need some inspiration, we’ve been round the office and have collated our top 7 tips…

After making so many ‘bad’ choices in the build-up to Christmas, reaching for those mince pies in the office when we weren’t even hungry and opting out of exercise in favour of Christmas drinks with friends, we’ve decided to simply be more aware, and to make healthier choices.

1. Waiting for the kettle to boil or the microwave to finish is dead time. Utilise it – do some squats!

My housemates think I’m bonkers. I’ll offer to make them a cup of coffee and 2 minutes later they walk into the kitchen to find me squatting in my pyjamas. It’s not intense exercise, but it really does get my heart racing for 3 minutes and I can feel the pull after- plus you get the reward of a cup of tea for your hard work afterwards!’

– Georgina, Marketing

1. kettle squats


2. Instead of stopping via the shop on your drive back from work, go straight home first and walk to the shop

‘I’ve started to be more inefficient with my time. Instead of combining tasks to save time or taking shortcuts, I justify the longer way as exercise time. I’ve been making a conscious decision to walk more; like opting to walk to the local shop to get a bag of salad for dinner, instead of stopping on my way home.’

– Mandi, Management

2. walk to the shop


3. Phoning a friend for a catch up? Go out for a walk while you chat 

‘My friends live all over the UK and our phone calls can take the best part of an hour, sometimes longer! So I have started venturing out (when it’s not raining), and doing 10 minute laps around my local area while I chat. Give this a try, I promise that you’ll be so engrossed in what you’re talking about that you won’t notice the exercise!’

– Evie, Operations

4. phonecall catch up


4. Don’t take your car to the car wash. Take 20 minutes to do it when you get home

‘This is a win-win because you save money and burn a few calories. I have a small car, so it doesn’t take long when I get home from work. It’s not an exact science because I don’t have a way of quantifying exactly how strenuous washing my car is, but I feel fairly drained afterwards!’

– Matt, Projects

3. wash car


5. Spring clean

‘It’s not technically spring yet, but I think cleaning your house from top to bottom is great all round exercise. I treat it like a trip to the gym by wearing comfy clothes and putting my headphones on (plus a little dance while I vacuum). More and more of my friends are getting cleaners and I understand that cleaning is time consuming, but I try to make it less of a chore and save money by not having to pay for a cleaner – or a fitness class.’

– Bianca, Customer Services

5. Spring clean


6. Instead of meeting friends for a coffee or meal, plan a walk or bike ride

‘Meeting my friends normally involves a trip to a coffee shop or restaurant. I’m now trying to meet my friends for walks or bike rides instead. We can have a good catch up while we’re on the move and stop for a coffee or lunch after!’

– Kris, Ecommerce

6. walk with friends


7. Climb the stairs more than you need to

‘It’s quite common for people to choose to take the stairs rather than the lift, and squeeze in a bit of light exercise, but I’ve gone a step further (pun intended) and applied this concept at home.
Like most people, I don’t have a lift at home, but my bedroom is in the attic so I do have to climb two flights of steep stairs to get to it. I have started making a conscious effort to climb up and down a lot more. For example, if I need to carry a big pile of washing upstairs, I’ll do it in two or three trips rather than struggling to go up in one go.’

– Ben, Operations

7. climb the stairs


We hope you’ve found our tips helpful and that we’ve highlighted areas of your day-to-day life where you can squeeze in a bit more physical activity.

Do you have any simple tips like this for us to try?
Let us know in the comments!

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